14 September 2011

The northern light

I Believe in Angels by skarpi
I Believe in Angels, a photo by skarpi on Flickr.
The northern light in this photo has something special. You must to look carefully.
Yes, I think it looks like a butterfly's wings. What do you think? : )

Beautiful photo of the day

S by Jose Luis Casti
a photo by Jose Luis Casti on Flickr.
I amazed how the owner of this photo edited this. love it

01 September 2011

I Love Linkin Park


I love Mike Shinoda.
I love Linkin Park.
He's talented.
He's a great musician.
I love whatever he's doing for his fan.
and.. Love his smile : )

see you soon LP woohoooo

01 August 2011

Portraits of Dogs as They Shake Off Water


For her series “Shake“, pet photographer Carli Davidson photographed curious portraits of dogs shaking off water. Use a fast shutter speed and you can capture all kinds of strange expressions on your dog’s face.



You can find the rest of the photographs in the series here.
Shake (via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Carli Davidson and used with permission



 inspired by designlovefest


simply and beautiful.

source : http://www.designlovefest.com/2011/07/color-is-addicting/

Temporary tattoos!

These days, I'm smitten with all the clever tattoos out there, but I'm too wussy to get a permanent one. So I was THRILLED to discover tatt.ly, a new online shop offering awesome, designy temporary tattoos.

Which would you wear?

Candy bars

Candy bars: "How many of these candy bars can you identify? (I can see Snickers and Payday, that's about it!) They look delicious.

(Via I'm Revolting, via TeenAngster)

22 July 2011

cinemagraph (first time)

I was try to do a cinemagraph,which is an animation and photo.
I had an inspiration from  from me to you's blog 
It is so wonderful blog.

I will try it next time, just need a good quaility of video to make it : )

it can't moving in this page. you have to click on picture.
I don't know how to make it moves on my page ; P

16 May 2011

Kiwi is her name

เพื่อนชื่อกีวี เขาบอกว่าเขา 
>>ยื้มไม่เป็น สอนยิ้มหน่อย (- -")
>> อยากถ่ายรูปแต่เต๊ะท่าไม่เป็น สอนโพสท่าหน่อย 
>> อยากมีรูปเยอะๆ หลายๆแบบ ถ่ายให้แล้วแต่ไม่ยอมเอาไปเป็นรูปโปรไฟล์
แทนรูปที่มันถ่้ายเอาแต่หน้ามันกะลูกกะตา ฮึ่ม กีวีนะกีวี ไม่ถ้ายให้แล้ว 
ถ่ายไปแล้วก็เอาไปดองๆไว้ในคอมรอวันไวรัสกิน แล้วก็ให้ฉันถ่ายให้ใหม่
รูปดีๆถ่้ายให้ไม่เอาไปโชว์เอาแต่รูปมืดๆ มีแต่หัว